The natural environment which we are blessed with
and Aizu farmer’s passion produce the best rice for Sake making.

Sake is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from rice. Clean and delicious water is needed to produce good rice. Surrounded by mountains, this region is dotted with numerous natural wetlands such as the Oze which have an abundance of clean and delicious water.

We are brewing Sake with the rice made in Aizu and Minami-Aizu district. Be located in the cool highlands, there is a large temperature difference throughout the day from summer to early autumn. It makes conditions ideal for rice cultivation. These conditions, along with the day-to-day efforts of local farmers who know the characteristics of the land, have resulted in the cultivation of good rice for Sake making.

Rice polishing by ourselves.

At our Brewery, making sake process begins with polishing brown rice. We do rice-polishing process by ourselves using the polish machines at our brewery. The conditions of rice every year differs for the weather of the year, the place where the paddy field is located, and the farmer, and it is never the same rice as once. By polishing brown rice by ourselves, it is possible to know well the conditions and characteristics of that year’s rice from the time of unpolished rice (brown rice) and to connect to best Sake making. We believe that because the rice has been cultivated so carefully by farmers, we must take responsibility for it ourselves. The rice is polished slowly and with great care.

Using rice bran as fertilizer. Our approach to sustainable agriculture.

A large quantity of rice bran is produced in the polishing process. Although this would normally be thrown away as industrial waste, but we use this rice bran as organic fertilizer in rice paddies to grow Sake rice and in fields to grow “Nango tomatoes,” a local specialty. Other than its use as a fertilizer, the rice bran is also utilized as feedstock in raising Aizu Beef.


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