Work, Commitment to handmade

Work, Commitment to handmade

The traditional
"mochi rice 4-stage process” (Mochigome Yodan-Jikomi)

As we at Hanaizumi Sake Brewery conduct the “mochi rice 4-stage process” on all our brands. Normally, Japanese sake is brewed with a 3-stage process. called "Sandan-Jikomi" ( In each process, steamed rice, water and koji malt are added and mixed.) However, we use a method that have an additional step. After the three steps, steamed mochi rice is added to moromi. This is "Mochigome Yodan-Jikomi". We have added our own evolution year by year to the traditional way of handed down from olden times. Through the method that have been maintained and passed down through the years, we create a taste that is representative of Hanaizumi Sake brewery; gentle and sweet, yet also clean and sharp. Although this 4-stage process was carried out by many breweries in the past, fewer and fewer breweries continue to use it. Currently, it is said that our brewery may be the only one in Japan that uses the “mochi rice 4-stage process” to all brands.

Tradition and Evolution into "mochi rice 4-stage process”

From the 2019BY, we started a renewed “mochi rice 4-stage process” to some special SAKEs such as Junmai Daiginjo or Junmai Ginjo. In the new method, we cool mochi-rice to an appropriate temperature before use it as “mochi rice 4-stage process”. With this method, the SAKEs will be more delicate and clear,delicious taste.


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