Roughly 80% of sake is water

Beautiful and delicious sake can only be made with beautiful and delicious water. As 80% of sake is water, the properties and flavours in the water are expressed in the sake.

The blessings of the great nature

Nango region of Minami-aizu town (formerly Nango Village), where our brewery is located, is a naturally rich region surrounded by mountains 1500 metres above sea level through which the Ina River flows from its source at Oze. The region has some of the heaviest snowfall in Japan, and the abundant snow melting water slowly filters through lush forests of oak and beech to gush out as springs of crystal clear water. One of these spring water is the water used for sake production originates. In the surroundings of our brewery, spring water is used even for tap water, natural blessings are familiar to us.


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